About Our Club

The Veterinary Science Club is an organization whose purpose is to provide information to students about veterinary schools, the application process, and undergraduate preparation. The club invites various speakers with careers in the field of veterinary medicine to share their experiences. We also invite Veterinary School representatives from all over the country to talk about their school, its requirements and the education that they have to offer. In addition, members often take trips to veterinary practices to witness first-hand the rigors of a veterinary career. We also take ‘behind-the-scene’ tours to zoos, major animal hospitals, and aquariums; to observe the variety of careers that veterinary medicine has to offer. In order to come on trips, members must come to meetings and club events. The more club events and meetings members attend, the more points they earn.  Members with the most points will be able to come on trips. We remain a leading source of guidance and information for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing the field of Veterinary Medicine.

Stop by to a meeting at room 123 in Bartlett Hall!!

The Veterinary Science Executive Board Members: 2014-2015

Samantha Globerman

Vice President
Lena Sena

Juskaran Ahuja

Parth Patel

Director of Communications
Anthony Fruges

Activities Coordinator

Here is a link (http://www.dailytargum.com/news/rutgers-day-brings-in-thousands-to-campus-wide-event-1.2240992)  to the Daily Targum that wrote a little blurb about us:

The Veterinary Science Club also opened their doors to the community by hosting a petting zoo that allowed children to feed cheerios to young goats and lambs.
“I like the excitement of the kids. A lot of them have a lot of fun when they’re here,” said Nathalie Sanchez, a Cook College senior and club member. “Their parents especially like it.”