• Linguistics
    • Pyprosody. Given an input string divided into constituents, it generates a .png of its prosodic tree. Requires python and graphviz installed.
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    • Fake grammar generator. The script generates 45 fake grammars based on three random seeders and plot their distance on a three-dimensional cartesian plaene. If you have no idea what I am talking about, take a look at my MA thesis, chapter 7.
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    • Parse pitch. A that parses text files containing time - f0 values pairs (like those generated by praat) and do various useful compuitation for phonetic analysis (average, mean, zvalue). If used with my other praat script formant extractor it can automated most of the boring work necessary for tone phonetic analysis. It is poorly documented and commented, but as usual, feel free to email me if you need assistance.
      Source code
    • Prosodic Perception B. This experiment aimed at investigating the interaction of prosodic phenomena (pitch and lenght) in perception tasks. The 60 subjects, selected among musicians and non musicians of three different Italian regions, were asked to recognise in a triplets of stimuli whether the third stimulus was identical to the first or to the second one.
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    • Visual Impaired Norms. This experiment is being used to investigate the difference in semantic categorisation between visual impaired and sighted subjects. The experiment is divided in two symmetric sessions. The stimuli are randomly assigned to one of the session, then the subjects hear the instruction from a recorded voice and, after a training, his description of the given set words is recorded one by one. In a second stage the descriptions will be transcribed and analysed by experts. Note that the program requires pygame and pyaudio libraries to work.
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    • Sylli. Sylli is a universal syllabifier. Developed for Italian, it can easily be adapted to any language that is claimed to respect the SSP (Sonority Sequencing Principle). Sylli divides timit, strings, files and directories into syllables and provides other useful function for syllable analysis.
    • CLIPS Corpus Reader. A corpus reader for CLIPS (Corpora e Lessici dell'Italiano Parlato e Scritto). It keep the corpus organised into categories (diatopic, diamesic and diaphasic) and layers (phonetic, phonological, lexical). All layer label is time-aligned to the specific portion of the recording which can be played by the script. It comes without saying that it works with NLTK and Sylli. Requires NLTK.
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    • CLIPS Scripts. A script that organises CLIPS into a more computer-friendly directory structure and that encodes all category information in the filename. To be used with the corpus reader above.
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    • Praat Formant Exctrator. This praat script is used to extract formants (F1, F2) (or any other values) and prints their values to a text file. Given a vowel time range it calcuates deltas percententage from 0% (beginning of the vowel) to 100% (end of the vowel) with an increasing of 10% of the vowel time each. Being the time sections proportional, you can easily get the values of fractions of time (for example 50% if you want the middle formants).
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  • HTTP scripting
    • UnipiAuth. Given username and password you can bypass the browser authentication required to access the Internet from the University of Pisa (Serra). An options allow you to automatically connect every 3 hours, thus overcoming the session timeout and permitting a semi-permanent connection. Since you can run the script from the command line, it may be particularly useful in the case you can't use a browser to authenticate, for planned task executions and so on. Serra seems to be using Cisco Clean Access, so the script, with proper editing, should work in similar environment.
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    • Penny Robot. A penny auction sniper for some Italian penny auction websites (oohbay, prezzipazzi but can be easily adapted). It allows you to bid when a specific time limit is reached (usually 1 or 2 seconds).
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    • Video Downloader. Allows you to download group of videos from a video-sharing website. It accepts a page range and then download all videos in that range. Of course you can download all videos and of course it works only with some websites, but you can use it as a template.
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  • WWW (< 2004? deprecated)
    • Hborn. HBorn (Html Borning Room) is an html document formatter/page generator that provides the ability to trasform files into html web pages. It was my first project (2001 circa) so it has many oddities today. It comes with a command-line and a GUI version.
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    • The TerniLUG website (PHP+MySQL). It had a news controlling system (visit /admin page), poll, commenting and it was integrated with phpbb.
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    • Attach Attack. Another old PHP script of mine I really liked. It basically allowed you to upload a file to a fileserver and navigate a virtual directory structure. Suddenly, a lot of people started using it to share pics, even it was not made public. Upload is disabled (uses HTTP_POST_VARS).
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    • Word-counter in Javascript. An interactive word counter in JavaScript.