About me

Hi! I am a graduate student in linguistics at Rutgers University. I am currently working on phonological relations for my dissertation (consonant harmony, input-output correspondence, and tone-tbu association). I am also teaching linguistics 101 to undergraduate students. On my spare time, I like to program. I am currently interested in machine learning techniques, and their application to phonological problems.

Some useful data:
  • My PGP public key
  • My BitCoin address is 1NcfUUMd4M65sviyKQb37j8RqkvQxhSbsP


  • Negative Concord
    • My work with Viviane Deprez on Negative Concord can now be downloaded here. Comments are welcome.

  • Headed Agreement By Correspondence
    • I have uploaded my most recent paper on harmony. It proposes a revision of Agreement By Correspondence to solve the problem of directionality in harmony. You can find it on ROA.