Rutgers University Ghost Hunters

Historical Buildings

There are multiple buildings around campus that are either known to be haunted or may be haunted. This page is a gallery of the haunted buildings and the historical figures that are believed to haunt them.

Old Queens

In the early 1800s, Old Queens (left) was built. Its original purpose was to be the location of the grammar school, the college, and the Theological Seminary ( Colonel Henry Rutgers (right) has been seen haunting the area around the building.

Demarest Hall

William Demarest (right) is believed to haunt the dorm building Demarest Hall (left). Demarest was the first and only alumni to become president of Rutgers from 1906 to 1924 (


The Frelinghuysen dorm on College Ave (left), along with the other two river dorms, are rumored to be haunted by Theodore Frelinghuysen. He was president of Rutgers from 1850 to 1862 (

Douglass Campus Center

The Douglass Campus Center on Douglass Campus (left) may possibly be haunted by Mabel Smith Douglass, the founder of the New Jersey College for Women in 1918 (

Pictures used on this page are scans from Rutgers through the Years and Kenlew Postcard Collection and are used under fair use.