Intersection of College Ave and Hamilton St., New Brunswick, NJ
40.5 latitude, -74.4 longitude

An establishing view of Scott Hall


The Scott Hall bus stop is different from the other bus stops on the Rutgers campus. Located on the College Ave campus, it is one of the busiest and most crowded and is also a popular place for students to hang out. The bus stop itself is larger to accomodate more students and the area surrounding it is home to the well-known RUHungry Grease Trucks.

The Scott Hall stop is named for its location directly across the street from classroom building Scott Hall. Physically, the area is decorated with red and yellow umbrellas, flags, signs, garbage cans, and other objects. The staples covering the posts of the bus stop show how many flyers have been placed there over the years. Functionally, this bus stop is for students taking the EE, F, A, H, and LX buses. It is also a place where students hang out and get something to eat. The grease trucks have been here since 1979 when the first fat sandwich, the Fat Cat, was served (RU Hungry).

I have a class in Voorhees Hall and club meetings in Murray Hall, so I am here several times a week. Most of the time I'm just waiting for a bus to get back to Douglass. The first time I went here was last year when I was going to the Involvement Fair across the street.

Overlooked Features

Stickers that have been faded away and scratched off

Moss and rocks coming through the brick on the ground

A sign letting people know there are cameras nearby

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Interesting and Typical Features

This gallery shows images of some interesting things that make the Scott Hall bus stop unique and some representative features. Hover over a description to see an image to the right.

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Things People Do Here

  • Wait for a bus
  • Shove people to get on a bus
  • Order food from the Grease Trucks
  • Hang out with friends
  • Sit at a table and study
  • Sit at a table and eat
  • People watch
  • Drunkenly trip over things on Friday nights
  • Park in the parking lot nearby

Getting on and off a bus

Ordering food

People watching and eating

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Objects Found Here

  • Tables and chairs to sit at
  • Decorative flowers and shrubs
  • Racks of chips and drinks
  • Electronic NextBus sign
  • Flyers stapled to the bus stop

Tables and chairs to sit at

Decorative flowers and shrubs

Racks of chips and drinks

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A typical day at this location

Hungry Student Busy Student
Meet up with friends at the Scott Hall bus stop Get off the H bus from Busch at the Scott Hall bus stop
Order a Fat Darrell at the grease trucks Run to class in Murray Hall
Sit at the tables and talk about your day with friends as you eat Come back from Murray and wait for the F bus to Douglass for your next class
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