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Dissimilation, Consonant Harmony, and Surface Correspondence [dissertation]


Dissimilation By Correspondence in Sundanese [paper]
(In Proceedings of WCCFL 30)


Word Order Patterns in Defaka [handout]
(With Bruce Connell, Akinbiyi Akinlabi, and Inoma Essien; Presented at ACAL 42)

Two subject asymmetries in Defaka focus constructions [paper]
(With Bruce Connell, and Akinbiyi Akinlabi; In Proceedings of WCCFL 29)

Variation in the Acoustic Structure of Defaka Vowels
(With Bruce Connell, and Akinbiyi Akinlabi; Presented at the CUNY Conference On The Phonology Of Endangered Languages)


Labial palatalization in Zulu: Dissimilation without the OCP [handout]
(Presented at the 18th Manchester Phonology Meeting)


The Defaka-Ijo Relationship Revisited
(With Bruce Connell; In Proceedings of WOCAL 6)

The Distribution & Representation of Nasalized Clicks [handout]
(Presented at CLS 45)

Reconsidering Nasality in Nasal Clicks
(Presented at PLC 33)


Some Interesting Implications of Clicks [handout]
(Presented at HUMDRUM 2008)

Broken Harmony: Correspondence and Dissimilation in Zulu [handout]
(Presented at HUMDRUM 2008)

False nasals: [┬▒pulmonic] and click distribution [abstract]
(Presented at ACAL 39)


Ordering Elements in Tibetan DPs
(In: Csirmaz, A. 2007. Papers on Tibetan. Papers written by students for a course in Tibetan fieldwork at Carleton College). Available by request.


Evaluating Optimality Theory as a Method of Language Description
(Integrative Exercise, Carleton College. Presented at the 37th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL 37), University of Oregon). Available by request.

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