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Farrington Lake is Located on the far North East corner of North Brunswick Township and creates the border between North Brunswick Township and East Brunswick Township. The Lake is long and meandering in the southern direction and thus meets the northern areas of South Brusnwick Township also. The Lake is formed by tributaries of the Raritian river and is located about 3 miles south of the Raritan River. Farrington Lake Conservation area is located at the end of Farrington Boulevard, a main road of the Farrington Lake development area, an mid class to upper middle class settlement in the North Brunswick Township. Here, the road ends and turns into a wide gravel path leading to a loose gravel lot for visitors to park their cars.

The conservation area is popular amongst local residents for various physical activities such as biking, fishing, running, and walking. The Lake is very much a part of this corner of North Brunswick Township's heart. Locals will remember their parents bringing them here when they were younger. Then coming later on in life with their friends to vandallize the dam or enjoy an evening of smoking. I don't know when the dam which creates the lake was made or when the conservation area was officially opened. Though I do there once being a placard installed at the edge of the parking lot declaring the spot a 9/11 Memorial ground. That Placard has since gone missing, but I do believe that indicated the conservation area has been open at least since 2001, before I first visited it in 2004.

In 2004 My 8th grade class took a field trip here to excavate fossils. It was futile but fun. I remember thinking we must be at least 20 miles away from North Brunswick because it was so green and I had never seen this lake before, but it was just because the bus took a very roundabout route. Later on we moved closer to the lake and I once discovered it while biking in the neighborhood. Afterwards I went biking there with friends, went there to smoke hookah with friends, and now occaisionally use the trails there for running.


This is the sign at the entrace of the Conservation Area.

This is a broad view of the lake.

A reminder that this is still America.

This is my favorite part of the Conservation area.

This bench is quite nice.

There is a massive powerplant here. It looks very cool at night.

This is a bike path that leads to the end of the conservation area and also breaks off at several points into the woods

This bench is at the center of the conservation area, very near the parking lot.

This park is located at the edge of the conservation area.

This is a nice hangout spot.

This is a paved path seperate from the bike path which goes around the power plant.



Interviews with Area Users


(Colleen is on the right)

When was the first time you went to farrington lake? When I was like 10, when we moved [to the neighborhood] my dad took me.
How often do you go to the lake? All the time, I just went last week.
Who do you go with? My friends, I go with lots of different people usually 2 or 3 people at a time.
What is the purpose of the open space reserve? To have fun!
Can you swim here? Colleen: Of course, its a lake!
What do you do here? Hang out at the park, walk, and explore.


When was the first time you went to farrington lake? I think that I first went Sophopmore year in high school.
How often do you go to the lake? I haven't been there in ages actually.
Who do you go with? I think last time I went was with Jill and Colleen
What is the purpose of the open space reserve? I don't know
Can you swim here? I wouldn't
What do you do here? Just hang out.


When was the first time you went to farrington lake? Oh, a long time ago, probably when I was like 8 or 9 as far as I can remember.
How often do you go to the lake? Once or twice a year at best. Depends.
Who do you go with? I went biking there with my girlfriend recently.
What is the purpose of the open space reserve? Isn't it supposed to be a memorial?
Can you swim here? Yeah, I have. I don't think you're supposed to though.
What do you do here? I've played paintball, biked, and fished there among other things.


When was the first time you went to farrington lake? When I was 13.
How often do you go to the lake? I usually go when I come home from NYU in the summer. I'll go at least a few times.
Who do you go with? Whoever is down to go, last time I went was with Colleen.
What is the purpose of the open space reserve? I don't know.
Can you swim here? No!
What do you do here? I come to hang out, take photos with friends.

Farrington Lake Conservation Area Schedule

Sunrise, everyday Lake area opens to the public
Sunset, everyday Lake area closes to the public